How long is the Lost Kingdom Rise of Kingdoms

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The Lost Kingdom is an event of Rise of Kingdoms expected by many people, but it is usually quite long for beginners. If you want to know how long the lost kingdom of Rise of Kingdoms lasts, apart from the things that it consists of, stay to read this article. The truth is that the event is not called Lost Kingdom. Here we talk about a KvK. This is an in-game event that occurs every fifty days. This is a fully competitive situation where multiple kingdoms battle it out to win the king's lands. 

And that is what it consists of Rise of Kingdoms, in a fairly realistic war simulator, which promises the experience of an armed conflict between the societies of the past. In a KvK, you experience the game at its best.

However, it tends to be a bit of a hassle, as throughout the event, all your levels and progress are reset back to zero, so you build a civilization from scratch. Obviously, at the end of the event, your things are returned. 

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How long is the Lost Kingdom Rise of Kingdoms

How long is the Lost Kingdom Rise of Kingdoms

the lost kingdom of Rise of Kingdoms It lasts approximately a couple of months, in which you will have to progress your civilization and get hold of the roads until you conquer the king's lands. two months may seem like too long. However, this helps the margin of failure is much higher, and that people can use real strategy to win. Try to shrink your troops and get stronger over time, and you will defeat the opponent. 

Finally, try to enjoy the event and not be as boring as it usually is. If you are new, it will help you familiarize yourself with the game and transform into a war veteran. Plan strategies, defeat your opponents, but above all, never let yourself be defeated. 

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