How long is the KvK Rise of Kingdoms?

How long is the KvK Rise of Kingdoms?

Rise of Kingdoms is a game of strategy, war and gathering in which you must adapt to the circumstances, improve the things that belong to you and play based on everything you have.

If you want to know how long the KvK lasts in Rise of Kingdoms, stay to read about the biggest event in the entire game. KvK are the initials of Kingdom vs Kingdom, which means kingdom vs kingdom.

In this event, what is done is to reiterate the history of the kingdom from entering zone 1 until conquering the lost temple, so to speak. 

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How long is the KvK Rise of Kingdoms?

How long is the KvK Rise of Kingdoms?

The only difference is that now it is not a competition between coalitions, but between kingdoms, in which the lost temple is not conquered, but it is fought to inhabit the lands of the king. 

This is done on a neutral map where absolutely no one has any advantage over absolutely no one. What is going to make you win here is going to be your strategy. Each of these lasts about two months, but not less than fifty days. 

Each of the continents is made up of eight kingdoms. Imagine a 3×3 square, in which the outer parts are each and every one of the realms, and the middle square is the lost realm, where the KvK happens. At the conclusion of the event, your kingdom returns to normal, and you have your possessions back, without any disturbance to your kingdom or your things. The time outside the KvK is usually around the same time as the exact same time, approximately fifty days.

It is one of the largest competitions in the world of gaming, but given its longevity, it gives more space to the planning of specific strategies that allow you to beat the opponent, triumphing not because of your military capacity, but rather because of your intellect. 

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