How long is a Season in PubG Mobile?

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PUBG Mobile organize your game scheme in seasons. This means that a theme will prevail for as long as the developers want it to. So, there is going to be an update that will be incorporated in the next one, with new challenges, events and occasions. Read this article about how long a season lasts in PUBG Mobile.

The most downloaded Battle Royale of all time for mobile devices is currently in season four of cycle two. We are in a unique moment, as the developers have decided to mold the content they create to a more friendly environment for each and every one of the tastes. 

This can be seen thanks to recent events, such as spider man no way home. Here we were able to use the Marvel character's costume to swing between trees and buildings. Now we are preparing for the arrival of a Jujutsu Kaisen-themed event, which only the developers know what form it will take. 

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How long is a Season in PubG Mobile?

How long is the epoch in PubG Mobile?

PUBG mobile seasons usually last two months. An example of this is the present one, which began on January XNUMX, after the update of one, which aims to conclude on March XNUMX. After this, absolutely no one knows what is coming. It is too early to speculate on the themes to be dealt with in the next season, nor the updates that are going to come, nor anything similar. PUBG Mobile is a game in constant change. Programmers work each and every day measuring the performance of the game, measuring the efficiency of certain weapons and determining the new balances.

For this, the team is committed to measuring everything related to weapons to release a next update with certain changes. An example of this is the change made to the AVM, which no longer drops below three shots, but rather a maximum of two. We hope that the information on how long a season in PUBG Mobile lasts has been of total use to you. 

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