How is the Best Relic in Apex Legends

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If you are looking for relics of Apex LegendsKeep in mind that it's going to be a long road. In case you are prepared and ready to achieve certain, in the article we are going to show you which is the best relic of Apex Legends and why. A relic is an object so rare that even in the community it is considered a status symbol. This means that players who have at least one are quite feared. It's not like they fell from the trees, but you have to earn them. 

It's like having an exclusive skin, with the difference that it works for something other than looking good. If you want to unlock them, now we show you the best relic of Apex Legends.

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What is the Best Relic in Apex Legends

What is the Best Relic in Apex Legends

Please note that each relic is unique depending on the legend story. This means that having it is the equivalent of getting a mastery on the chosen character. In case you did not know, to get a relic before, you had to open a certain number of boxes, until the moment you got one, with a probability of 1 in XNUMX. This means that at most, you would open five hundred chests until you get one. 

Respawn then created the shard system, with which players can unlock any relic they want, yet the 1 in XNUMX chance of getting one hasn't gone down. If this is your case, then knowing which is the best Apex Legends relic can help you not to miss your chance. For this reason, we make it simple for you so that you do not make a decision that you later regret. 

The best relic of Apex Legends It's the one from Pathfinder, the boxing gloves. This is going to make players respect you wherever you go. With this exclusive relic, you are now going to be the most attractive player of all.

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