How is PubG Mobile

How is PubG Mobile

Many people know that PubG Mobile It is a game that is free for computers and mobile devices with Android and IOS systems, but they do not know precisely what the game is about, they are only guided by the logo of a simple soldier that appears with a weapon on a blue background and a metal helmet . This time we are going to explain in detail how it is PUBG Mobile.

This well-known saga created by Tencent Games for mobile devices is a Battle Royale, which refers to a battle of all against all to see who is the last survivor on the map, something similar to appetite games, in which you thrown onto an island without any help, and you yourself must find your weapons, equipment and accessories to be one of the last survivors and win the game.

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How is PubG Mobile

Meet PubG Mobile

Most of the maps are very large, at least they have a physical space of 8x8km, because the perfect Battle Royale game mode has a hundred players in a game. Apart from that, there are smaller maps for other game modes such as 5v5 and other genres of individual and team battles. 

The game begins with your avatar in an airplane, looking at a map and choosing the best area to land and look for each and every one of the necessary resources to be able to survive, it is essential that you seek all kinds of medical supplies for when you receive an attack, weapons to be able to defend yourself and, above all, strategy to be able to cover yourself and survive while the area shrinks. 

The maps have different rural and urban areas, you will be able to see huts, houses, large buildings, and a very complete area with great graphic quality, use the space where you are located to your advantage in the game, know each of the areas on the weregel map, and enjoy this magnificent shooting game. 

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