Genshin Impact Leak Reveals New Chest Type For Enkanomiya Region

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Exploration is one of Genshin Impact's biggest draws with several open regions in the world for players to explore. As with the introduction of the Inazuma region in the 2.0 update, a new region brings new events, quests, and areas that players can look forward to.

After weeks of leaks surrounding the inclusion of the Enkanomiya region in Update 2.4, new leaks have surfaced of a possible chest type that will be exclusive to this region. According to various sources, these chests will reward players with Mora which could come in handy for leveling up characters, buying from the store and more.

A new region-exclusive chest type is coming to Enkanomiya

First reported by Genshin Impact source, Virgin Genshin, the next type of chest players can expect to see in Enkanomiya is called the “Junk” chest. So far, four chests are currently available through Teyvat, namely the Common, Exquisite, Precious, and Luxurious chests.

BLANC @genshinBLANC Although there are no IKEA chests in Enkanomiya, you will be able to find a new type of chest: the "Junk" chest. These chests can be found throughout Enkanomiya. By opening this chest, you will be rewarded with 10 or 000 mora. ⚬ STC / ( Enkanomiya Leak ) #genshin #原神

11:03 Dec 18 2021



The Garbage Chest can only be found in the Enkanomiya region, as opening this chest will grant players between 10 and 000 Mora. Additionally, Genshin Blank said that this type of chest will likely be "part of the map" as there will be survey points for players to find and collect random items.

According to another Genshin Impact source, 46cba, these junk chests won't spawn in traditional or common chest slots, and neither will players. "baited by them from afar". They mentioned that there were 82 junk chests that were added to Enkanomiya's map.

The Enkanomiya region could host a new type of chest, the Junk Chest, found exclusively in this region. (Picture: Reddit/Tsuki-04)

Additionally, they had counted 206 chests present in the area, which includes rumors of junk chests. While it's still too early to tell if these numbers are the official number of chests found on Enkanomiya alone, it's more than likely that more could be added before the 2.4 update goes live.

The 473ur reveal of leaked Junk Chests adds further excitement for the Enkanomiya region which has yet to be made available on test servers. With Shenhe and Yun Jin's official confirmation for Genshin Impact, there's a lot to look forward to in the next update.

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