Games Similar to PubG Mobile Without Internet 

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PubG Mobile is undoubtedly one of the most essential and popular shooter games in the whole world of video game lovers. This incredible shooter has great peculiarities that have nothing to envy to any other game, but we must take into consideration that sometimes many users in the community have internet connection problems and want to have a similar gaming experience with an offline game. . If you are looking for a Battle Royale similar to the PUBG Mobile, you are in the right place, in the article we are going to show you certain games that are very similar to PubG Mobile and that you can use without internet without inconvenience. 

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Games Similar to PubG Mobile Without Internet 

Some games related to PubG Mobile offline

Scarfall-The real combat: This incredible shooter was released by the Phoenix company, it is a perfect game that can run on both Android and IOS mobile devices without any problem. The game has an online mode and the perfect offline mode that we try so hard in such a case when we do not have a network connection. Scarfall consists of multiple players who fall into an arena where they will fight to see how they win the title, the last survivor standing is the winner and the game has a huge arsenal of weapons. 

Swag shooter: It is a huge game made by the Fenix 鈥嬧媍ompany. Swag shooter is a traditional battlefield game where everyone fights for survival, something very similar to PubG Mobile. This shooter can run in both online and offline modes, you can change your character's clothes, customize weapons, and style your avatar a lot so that it commands respect in the arena. 

Both games have peculiarities very similar to the PubG Mobile, in which the goal is to subsist from countless opponents. You can try both and get them anywhere or through official mobile stores like Google Play Store or App Store. 

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