Foxy Coin Master Levels

Do you want to know what the levels of Foxy Coin Master are? Foxy is the first pet that he will give you Coin Master from the 4th level. When Foxy is well fed, she is the ideal partner for attacks. Since she has the ability to dig in the fourth site by adding coins to the loot.

Foxy needs to add experience in order to get more resources in each and every attack. This is that she lets you get auxiliary coins, really useful in the game.

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Foxy Coin Master Levels

What are Foxy's levels in Coin Master

Foxy appears in Coin Master from the fourth level. You must go to the bottom of the game screen, where a small egg will appear, and click to break it. As it is the first pet you will have access to, you will appreciate that it evolves before the rest.

It is essential to note that in order for Foxy to evolve, you must support her nutrition and assist her with certain purple potions. This helps her grow and you will be able to take her with you to many attacks so that she gains experience. As your pet evolves, your chances of success increase.

Increased rewards based on Foxy's level

So far Foxy can go up to level two hundred, and as he levels up, the rewards increase.

  • Level one sixteen percent rewards on loot
  • Tier 10 – Thirty four percent rewards on loot
  • Level 20 – Fifty four percent rewards on loot
  • Level 30 – Sixty-four percent rewards on loot
  • Level 40 – Seventy-four percent rewards on loot
  • Level 50 – Eighty-four percent rewards on loot
  • Level 60 – Ninety-two percent rewards on loot
  • From level 100: you will receive up to one hundred percent of the rewards in looting

Some players have stated that at the maximum levels of rewards can increase up to one hundred and six percent, but this information has not yet been verified.

On the other hand, with Foxy you can also earn a good amount of stars, up to seven hundred and fifty at his maximum level.

Foxy's uptime after eating

Foxy can be active for up to four hours after eating. If you nurture her properly, without a doubt she will be a suitable partner for every attack.

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