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fortnite xp Coin Master? The XP of Fortnite with an event in which the highest accumulation of Experience points is achieved, which is what is known as xp. In other words, they pile up more points than what can be achieved regularly. Without any doubt, this is an opportunity that cannot be wasted.

Fortnite lets players undertake different challenges by performing different actions in the game. It can be noted that Fortnite is not related to hacks or tricks, but rather complex activities, which with a bit of luck you will win.

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Fortnite XP Coin Master

What are XP in Coin Master for?

Coin Master offers you great help through pets. Foxy, Tiger and Rhino, who assist you in different ways to protect your village and get a good amount of coins. To make these pets more effective they must evolve, and so your rewards will be much higher.

When talking about XP in Coin Master, reference is made to the experience points that your pets must have to level up. Which increases the chances of success in the game.


It's a fox, and it's the first pet you're going to have in Coin Master. His specialty is helping you earn more coins from looting. The higher the level you take Foxy to in his XP, the more coins you will find.


It helps you earn a larger amount of currency, but only by making an attack.


This pet is in charge of guarding your village when you are not around. If Rhino is active, it guards your village, without you having to spend shields. Rhino has high XP, so it has a higher chance of guarding your village effectively.

How to get XP in Coin Master

To give your pets the necessary experience points, you must use the purple potions. You can buy them with free money in the game, right next to the food. You can also receive these potions as prizes in rolls, for filling buildings or villages, end of attacks, and for participating in missions and events.

The purple potions increase the percentage of success in your pet's functions, giving you stars every time you advance in level.

The XP in Coin Master increases with each attack or attack you make, and every time that Rhino protects your village from attacks. It is essential to keep them active not only by feeding them, but also by taking advantage of the gift that Coin Master makes daily. This gift is nothing more than edible so that they last a long time and continue to help you in the game.

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