Fortnite stuck "Checking for updates" error - possible solution how to fix

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As a live service game, Fortnite regularly receives big and small updates.

Epic Games brings new content for Fortnite every week, new skins, challenges, items, upgrades, bug fixes, special events, and more.

It's a huge and immensely popular game, and Epic wants its biggest title to never get boring and that's best achieved by constantly adding new things for players to engage and have fun with.

Just recently, we saw an epic live concert from Ariana Grande, which kicked off the Rift Tour event.

Unfortunately, with games of this magnitude, some glitches are inevitable, and recently players have again reported issues with the "Checking for updates" message, which appears when the game checks for updates. , then Fortnite just becomes frozen, with the blue screen and the annoying message.

Fortnite 'Checking for updates' issue - can it be fixed?

(Photo: Epic Games)

This error usually appears when an upcoming Fortnite upgrade is expected to be released soon or it is already released.

Your Fortnite client knows he needs to download a new version of the game, and he just tries to do it, but something is preventing him from doing it and the game gets stuck with the message "Checking for updates", because you can't enter the game if you don't have the latest version.

One of the issues may be your internet connection, so you should check that your device (PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch) is properly connected to the internet and nothing is interfering with Fornite's ability to download items.

But that's probably not the problem here and the real problem is in the game server. Something is preventing updates from being rolled out on the server side, and since you can't get into the game with the old version, the game just stays locked on the "Checking for updates" error message.

The best thing to do in this situation is to wait for Epic Games to fix potential issues that are blocking servers to push the update.

To stay informed of any potential issues (both new and resolved), you should always check the Fortnite Status Twitter account for all the latest updates regarding the current status of Fortnite and the game's servers.

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