Fortnite Golden Scar Assault Rifle: How to Get the New Exotic and Stats

Fortnite Golden Scar Assault Rifle: How to Get the New Exotic and Stats

There is a new exotic weapon in Fortnite after the v16.40 update. It's called the Golden Scar Assault Rifle, and it packs a lot of punch, which is evident by its stats. If you want to claim an early advantage on a Fortnite map, you might need to get the Golden Scar Assault Rifle, right? In this guide, we'll tell you exactly how to get your hands on this powerful new Exotic gun and which NPC you'll need to defeat, identifying the location of Orelia.

How to get Golden Scar AR Exotic in Fortnite

Getting your hands on the Golden Scar AR in Fortnite isn't too difficult if you have a team of players to defeat the brand new NPC Orelia.

To get the Golden Scar exotic weapon in Fortnite, you just need to defeat Orelia. This new NPC is located in a new point of interest (POI) called Island Nublada.

The map below shows the exact location of the island, where Orelia roams.

(Picture: Epic Games)

Orelia will drop the Shining Golden Scar Assault Rifle when defeated. Be sure to loot everything you can on the island before attacking it, and bring some friends if you're trying to fight it in the early game.

This area should be heavily contested by players, meaning you can hang back a bit and let them kill each other before facing Orelia if you see the opportunity.

What Orelia looks like (Image: iFireMonkey)

Golden Scar Assault Rifle Stats

The Golden Scar Assault Rifle has, like most other Exotic weapons, some very powerful stats that can turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Check out all the stats below thanks to dataminer iFireMonkey.

(Image: iFireMonkey)

So there you have it, a quick guide on how to get the Golden Scar Assault Rifle in Fortnite, along with the stats for this powerful new Exotic weapon.

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