For the fact that there is no game in PubG Mobile Pc

We can't only run into pairing problems on mobile devices, but it's also something complicated that has begun to attack players who enjoy this incredible shooter from PC. If you are a player who has fun in the PUBG Mobile From a PC emulator, we are going to explain why it does not find games successfully as on mobile devices.

Before starting the problem, you must take into account that the independent company Tencent Games has an official emulator one hundred percent recommended to play PubG Mobile, called Gameloop, an emulator that works perfectly with PubG and any shooting game, optimizing to end that it does not present any kind of bug and you can have the best gaming experience. If you have another emulator, the first thing you should do is uninstall it and use this reputable platform, at least to play PubG, the only minimum requirement is that your computer has 2GB of RAM. 

Why Can't Find Game in PubG Mobile Pc

Why Can't Find Game in PubG Mobile Pc

Most of the time that PC players do not find a game it is due to the fact that they suddenly change zones, remember that it is not exactly the same system as that of a mobile device, and Tencent Games takes about sixty days to optimize the process of the change to the area where you want to play again, so it is very normal that at the beginning it is difficult for you to achieve certain games, since if you belong to the North American area and you want to play in Europe, the queue always and in all circumstances works for you to give priority to those who are located in the area. 

In case no way works for you, you can fix PubG Mobile, go to the main settings of the game and press the repair option, with this certain files will be restored and you will be able to return to a perfect pairing. We invite you to always and at all times play in your assigned area so that you do not present this kind of inconvenience in the game. 

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