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When we play on a mobile device, your gaming experience can change depending on many factors, which can give you advantages or disadvantages according to your level of play. In the PubG Mobile This is not a caveat, the different inconveniences that are caused between the internet or the frames per second, can be a variation that leads you to the path of victory or defeat. 

It's not just complicated to be in a Battle Royale mode game and start having problems of slowdown or poor graphics performance, such as having lag or network connection failures. In this article, we are going to explain to you the fact that the language is lagged in different ways. PUBG Mobile.

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Why is PubG Mobile Lagea

Why is PubG Mobile Lagea

When you play at ultra-high graphics, you prefer quality over performance, so your frames per second are going to drop. We invite you to play with medium or balanced graphics, if you want higher quality in your character and weapons, lower the graphic quality of the environment a bit, where you find a midpoint and your frames per second run stable. 

In case you are experiencing internet problems, you should restart your network connection, or try certain settings in order to improve your gaming experience. Lag is an inconvenience that can affect most players. In addition to this, you must play on your closest server, remember that any change of zone that you have made when logging into your account can affect the performance of your internet connection and, consequently, give you a good lag.

Join PubG Mobile and follow each and every one of these recommendations so that you can progress your gaming experience. PubG Mobile it is an incredible shooter and with the ideal configuration you will not get more than a good opinion of the game.

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