For the fact that I Can't Acquire UC in PubG Mobile

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PubG Mobile is a game that has many ways to acquire exchange coins that will help us a lot to advance in the game. Battle Points coins are those that we can achieve as we dedicate time to the game, the mere fact of keeping your session active daily and playing a good number of games will allow you to acquire them according to your performance: number of murders, survival time , survival ranking and stacked damage against opponents. Practically, basic aspects of a game with which you can win many of these coins.

However, the PUBG Mobile It also has a Premium currency, called UC currency, which helps you get the best prizes in the game and each and every one of the exclusives of the time. UC Coins are rarely achieved for free with certain rare events, so you have to invest real money in the game to get them and wipe out the entire official in-game store. 

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Why can't I get UC in PubG Mobile?

Why can't I get UC in PubG Mobile?

Many players in the community have had problems obtaining these exchange coins, for this reason, today we are going to explain why you cannot acquire uc coins in PubG Mobile. 

You must bear in mind that there are some devices that have problems to be able to acquire the uc, for example, there are phones like Samsung that ask you to make this type of coin purchase from the Samsung Account, so if you recharged in Google Play it is possible that you will be held by the fact that the operating system simply does not let you follow the procedure. 

In addition, the primary measure to acquire any benefit on mobile devices must be through credit cards. Many users try to do it through debit cards and present failures, we invite you to try a personal credit card or a trusted family member to carry out these transactions. 

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