For the fact that Apex Legends Mobile Won't Let Me In

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if you wonder why Apex Legends Mobile won't let me in, then this article is totally made for you. Many players have experienced issues with the limited regional release of Apex Legends, here we will help you solve them. If you have trouble entering Apex Legends Mobile, there are many things that this could happen. You can try your phone, and even your Internet. However, the most common cases should not be related to problems presented by the user, but rather due to the exact same game. 

Although it is also possible that it is because your phone does not meet the minimum requirements to run it, but if you were able to download it at first, then there should be no problem.

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Why Apex Legends Mobile Won't Let Me In

Why Apex Legends Mobile Won't Let Me In

The main failure that must be occurring then is related to connectivity. Remember that Apex Legends came out as part of a limited regional release, in which a beta phase would only be released for certain countries. This had the mission of measuring some factors, such as the level of gameplay on mobile devices, with the aim of making the game as optimized as possible.

You may have cheated and downloaded the game by using a VPN that places your device in certain locations where the game was free, so then the problem would have to be related to this. What happens is that this kind of services, especially when they are free, tend to have certain flaws, such as not completely hiding your personal information. This happens with the location, which is the main factor that we try to hide. 

The solution is quite simple. You just have to download another VPN of higher quality than the one you use today. In this way, absolutely no one will track you and your precise location will not be determined, allowing you to play Apex Legends Mobile without closing. 

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