First Cards of Clash Royale

Clash Royale is one of the most downloaded and played games on the entire planet. This is a huge, strategic game where you'll need to build your deck with cards that apply effects and have unique abilities to lead you to victory. Many new players of this popular game want to know what the first letters of Clash Royale.

If you also have this question, you came to the right place! Since, from this website we have prepared a totally interesting article on the clash royale first cards. Let's start immediately!

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First Cards of Clash Royale

First Cards of Clash Royale

To start, you have to know that in our days, the game has more than fifty cards, divided as follows:

  • the common cards (two cards)
  • the special cards (two cards)
  • the epic cards (two cards)
  • the legendary cards (one cards)

But this was not always the number of cards when the game came out on its first official release on digital platforms. In the beta free on IOS in XNUMX and a short time later on Android, there were only very few cards. In its beginnings, the total number of cards for IOS was forty-two cards, which was updated to forty-eight when the game became available for devices with an Android operating system.

Among the main cards that could be found in the different war battle decks, the following cards could be found:

  1. Giant: a card that is still free today in the latest version. It is a card with enormous power, which allowed you to defeat minions with incredible ease. In truth, it is still widely used for its efficiency, and since it was originally combined with poison, it is still a very meta deck. The giant is a characteristic card of the game, which identifies Clash Royale in the world of games for mobile video consoles.
  2. Veneno: The poison card was one of the most efficient for the beta metagame of Clash Royale. Applied a slow and damage per second effect. Another benefit this card provided is that it applied damage to the towers and when combined with Giant the effect was accentuated, which made it a fully effective card.
  3. Minions: the minions are a card still current and one of the first to appear in the list of forty-eight cards of the Clash Royale beta. They are one of the best ways to sustain an incessant and concentrated attack on one point on the ground. Similarly, minions are also a way to store cards you want to keep alive on the battlefield.
  4. Arrows: The arrows are a very interesting card that was used in the deck of giants due to the fact that they helped to remove the opponents that concentrated your Giant's attack. It applied an area effect that helped suppress opposing troops in a very simple way and helping to protect other cards.
  5. Ball of fire: Finally, the game ball is one of the traditional cards within Clash Royale and that applied a lot of damage to towers. This card remains current in the current version, and continues to hold up in the metagame despite the fact that there are more powerful cards and better effects.

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