Final Fantasy 14: Pexing, how to level up quickly

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Final Fantasy XIV stands out from other MMOs with its unusual way of approaching the different classes. You will indeed be able to play on the same character several different classes as well as the specs also called jobs which are linked to them. So if you want to optimize your character you will have to mount several classes requiring at the same time a lot of xp.

So whether you want to level up another character or simply level up multiple jobs on the same character, it's important to know how to earn xp quickly.


The different sources of xp


The epic and side quests

If you are building your first character and your first job, the most important thing will be above all to follow the main plot or epic. The various quests of the epic will allow you, in addition to the xp gained, to also unlock the various functionalities of the game. Added to this the few secondary quests around and your bar will not stop progressing.

→ The epic quests are recognizable thanks to their different symbols from the side quests.

The Bestiary (up to level 50)

In Final Fantasy 14 you also have a bestiary that will allow you to earn xp for each enemy or group of enemies killed. Each completed level will give you a lot of experience. In addition, the bestiary is linked to each job. Thus, if you have completed the bestiary up to level 40 with the bow, you will start from 0 with another weapon, enough to climb easily and quickly.


HAZARDS are small events that will appear very often on the map. Once you arrive at your destination, you will have to accomplish a few small, very quick objectives that give experience. ALEAS also makes it easy to earn company points. The problem with ALEAS is that it is quickly repetitive and your gaming experience will quickly be ruined.

Dungeons and the Mission Tool

Dungeons are the basis of the game. Your epic will take you through the different dungeons of the game but you can also launch a group search to find people with whom to go through the different levels of the game. Chaining certain dungeons to level up is very profitable and interesting. However, if you're DPS, you might have to wait a while before you can find a group. If you are healed or Tank it is undoubtedly one of the most profitable solutions. Random missions allow you to have a good gain of xp, however the xp bonus is only valid once per job per day.

Guild Operations

Guild operations are kind of a mix between a dungeon and the bestiary. They offer an interesting gain of xp when you complete them for the first time. Available from level 10 you can do them once per job.


Warrants are quests that are fairly simple to do but not very profitable, you can do up to a maximum of 100 per day. Mandates are really a plus in your progress, don't focus too much on them.

HAZARDS The Bestiary 

Rise quickly

As you have seen above, there are many ways to earn xp on FF14, but there are still some tips to know to optimize your xp gains and thus level up faster.

→ Currently there is a server with an xp bonus up to level 70: Twintania

Leveling for the first job


Epic quests + side quests > Bestiaries > ALEA > Random mission / Guild operation > Dungeons > mandates


Leveling for the first job

Heal / Tank

Epic quests > Bestiaries > Random mission / Guild operation > Dungeons > Side quests > ALEA > Mandates


Leveling for other jobs

Random mission > Dungeons > ALEA + Bestiary > side quests

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