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If you want to play PUBG they kill you, but still you can't get the game installed on your phone, then this article may be useful to you. There are plenty of discussion forums out there where you may find an answer, but here we give you the solutions that are one hundred percent efficient.

In this guide you will learn how to fix download failure PUBG Mobile in the Google Play Store, apart from the things you can do to speed up the installation process from the app store. 

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Error Downloading PubG Mobile Play Store

Error Downloading PubG Mobile Play Store

The origin of the error is quite simple. It is an inconvenience when trying to load the resources sent by the servers of the Google Play Store. This is related to your internet speed.

It will seem strange to you, but the Google Play Store usually interrupts downloads when the receiver of the data is absent. It also often happens that you are downloading the game with the precise amount of storage so that the phone is not able to run the installation process.

That said, there are two possible solutions. The first is to clear the cache, log out and start again in the Google Play Store, doing a refresh process on the servers. This will cause each and every one of the algorithms to be reset and nothing will clash with your download. 

The other way is by deleting apps or restoring the phone. Of course, it is better that you delete applications so as not to lose any kind of information, but in the event that this is impossible, you will have no other choice. 

And this is how you solve the failure to download PUBG Mobile from the Google Play Store. The truth is that it is a fairly common error and that few people really know how to solve it, but at least you end up becoming a specialist in solving problems related to the installation of heavy games from the Google Play Store.

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