eSports Life: Getting started on the game, tips for beginners

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Our articles on eSports Life eSports Life: Getting started in the game, advice for beginners Are you new to eSports Life but you don't know where to start or what to do? We give you the keys!

The first episode of eSports Life is available in France and promises long hours of play for this long winter! The game offers various activities and it is possible to feel lost at the beginning. But never fear, our beginner's guide is here for you!

Beginning of the story

Your story begins with the creation of your character, its appearance and its main character trait. This stage is not the most important of the game but has the merit of existing. You will then arrive at your mother's house (like in Youtuber's Life), and the adventure begins with a call from Mike inviting you to watch an eSports game. From then on, a real passion will be born and your goal will be to become a professional in your turn. But the road will be long!

Customize your character endlessly

School and household chores

Even if your goal is to become a professional player, you are still students and under the roof of your family. It will therefore be necessary that the results at school follow and that you are present in the house. We advise you to go to school every other or third day in order to study and ensure a good mark on the next exam. This will keep you busy for a few hours, but will show your family (mother) that you are not neglecting school. Thus, it will let you play more late at night when you have a computer in your room.

To study, all you have to do is go to the College and enter a class. A mini-game will then start and you will have to select the texts identical to the example that you are offered. It is important to go to college being as rested as possible, otherwise your study time will be shortened.

Your probability of passing the exam increases or decreases based on your answers


Once your time at school is over, you will have several choices: to play or to do household chores. The second option is not necessarily pleasant but will be essential to show your mother that you are still participating in the activities of the house. In addition, each household chore earns you points that you can exchange for money with your mother. So remember to take a good look at the schedules for household chores and do as many of them as possible, once again being as rested and as unstressed as possible. For some tasks like taking out the trash, the longer the task, the more points you will get.

Household chores earn you points, don't neglect them!


Sometimes your mother will ask you about your outings or your homework. As in real life, lying will not bring anything because very often, this one has the information but wants to test your sincerity. Later, if she sees you sincere and your results follow, she could give you more money...


When you first start out, you'll need to train in the Esport Bar, which means it'll pay off. Therefore, it will absolutely not be necessary to neglect household chores to obtain a few additional dollars to those given by Mike. It makes sense to train for ten bucks for two hours, and be as responsive as possible to click on enemies in red. If your responsiveness isn't good and you're more logical, head to the five-bucks-for-two-hour game. You have to think that your fatigue and your stress impact your training. If your character is tired or stressed, he will not be able to touch the computer, so you will have to meet his needs.

Training at home is so much easier!

Once you have your computer at home, meeting your needs will be much easier. You can ask a friend to come over to talk to you (to de-stress and save you a commute) or eat junk food.

What does a typical day look like?

As we told you, it is important to combine training, studies and family life. When you're just starting out and when you're going to have to go to the Esport Bar, it's more interesting to train than to go to study. Indeed, you must prepare a match; training is more important than anything. Once your computer is at home, you must:

→ perform at least two household chores a day
→ go to school every other day
→ train and rest when fatigue threatens
→ organize tournaments and avoid simulations as much as possible

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