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Stumble guys, is one of the most entertaining games for people of any age, since it has one of the survival game systems that tests the ability and agility of all players regardless of the slightest. Entering the planet of stumble guys makes you feel like you're in it, with an incredible adrenaline rush in each and every one of its levels and against many other players who try to achieve first place in the shortest possible time.

Now, we know that a game can be difficult when many players seek the exact same objective as , causing you to lose on multiple occasions. However, that is why you are here with us today, get comfortable and learn easy shortcuts that will help you in the different levels and worlds of the fantastic game. Stumble guys.

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All Shortcuts in Stumble Guys

The Best Shortcuts in Stumble Guys

Each of the levels has multiple shortcuts that you will be able to take advantage of to take advantage of each and every one of those who compete against you, which we are going to show you next:

Shortcuts in the desert level:

  • At the start of the level don't go straight ahead like all the others, take the path to the left.
  • Taking this path will lead you to squares with spikes that are easier to avoid.
  • Always try to walk through the areas that do not have the spikes in the fastest way.
  • Pass the rolling stone and you are already completing the circuit

Shortcuts in the snow level:

  • Inside this you should pay attention to the ice blocks you see, if you move over one of them you will be able to shoot out at high speed and leave everyone behind.

Space level shortcuts:

  • Here you will try to move with high speed propelling yourself with the planet.
  • In addition, you can go directly from one platform to another without using the stone.

Shortcuts at the pool level:

  • Within this level you will have to leave your fear behind and push yourself on the edge of each slide, thus avoiding each and every one of the considerably simpler obstacles.

With all these shortcuts you will be able to leave your opponents behind in each and every game of stumble guys that you play, we hope that it has helped you.


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