Each and every one of the Clash Royale Characters

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All clash royale characters they are always in a process of progressive improvement. That's why we recommend that you continue Supercell's quarterly updates so that you are not surprised, in the middle of the game, by new aspects of your favorite characters.

If you want to know more about all the characters in Clash Royale you must continue reading! Since, soon we will be giving you all the information you need to know about the incredible characters that this renowned title offers.

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All Clash Royale Characters

All Clash Royale Characters

  • Archers: They are ideal for a ranged attack, the archers help us to free ourselves from both units and areas as long as they are terrestrial. They are free from the training area. The tone of his hair changes according to the level in which you are.
  • Baby dragon: Dragons are common in video game consoles and Royal's are hungry babies that love the opponent's barbecue on demand and without control.
  • Bombardier: This little skeleton has area attack with his bombs, so he is able to pulverize a swarm of opponents. It can only finish off ground targets.
  • Witch: As expected, the sorceress summons skeletons and perhaps the destructive rays are not so frequent, but in such a case, she does cast them. You will recognize her by her sparkling pink eyes.
  • Men: A main character in the game -a reference in the Clash Royale universe-, the knight, with his brand new mustache and yellow eyebrows, is an experienced fighter, perfect in close combat.
  • Elves: small, fast and very unpredictable. Team goblins act 3 on 3 and are tough to deal with as melee attackers.
  • Skeletons: After the beginning tutorial, you have your army of two skeletons, ideal for distracting and surrounding troops with low attack speed or units that assault a single target, such as Giants or Princes.
  • Spirits of fire: These 3 volatile presences have a fiery effect on their opponents. His mission is suicidal, but more effective: to give you a warm hug that will consume you in its flames.
  • Giant: combine the giant with the musketeer and you will have a practically invincible attack team. He provides the resistance. He is slow and only attacks structures, but he is devastating in his functions.
  • Ice mage: is a medium speed character with seven hundred life points. His weapon is the ice that shoots at his opponents, causing them to slow down his attack speed and movement. He can attack ground and air targets.
  • Mago: one of the singular letters of the saga. The magician is a fantastic guy, who makes gamers fly through the air. He shoots fireballs at ground and air targets, has three hundred and forty hit points.
  • Ram Rider: This is really a double character, since it is made up of an Amazon and the ram she rides. While he knocks down the attackers with his Bolas, the animal takes charge of knocking down the towers in its path.
  • Ride pigs: a traditional deck in Clash Royale is the one that makes up the Montapuercos that brings together two characters and leaves the attack progressive and very fast. It is a fast unit that falls structures and can jump the river. Since the summer of two thousand and eighteen, this character offers emotions -emotes-.
  • Musketeer: another reference win condition for the arenas is the musketeer. Don't be mesmerized by her chic hairstyle, as she never misses when she shoots with her inseparable blunderbuss. His strong point is the range of his shot, although keep an eye on his health charge, he becomes volatile with ease.
  • EKKA: heavy and slow, you can get PEKKA from arena four. He is a hand-to-hand fighter. Perhaps his movements seem a bit clumsy to you, but when you try one of his punches, you will understand the quality of it.
  • Princess: The princess of this story does not appear until arena seven, but when she arrives, you love having her to finish off long-distance attacks. However, she bears in mind the weakness of her life, she remembers to take her for a walk always and in all circumstances with protection.
  • Pr铆ncipe: This is also a basic character in the game. Mounted on his captivating pony, when he encourages his mount, the prince violates double damage.
  • Lava hound: Among the animals that populate the arenas, the lava hound is one of the most majestic and destructive beasts: from its aerial position -it is flying- it attacks structures. The pups of this creature are less slender, but equally effective, and don't just attack towers.
  • Valkyrie: Quickly strikes down puny opponents such as goblins and skeletons.
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