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Apex Legends is a Battle Royale-type first-person shooter in which there are a rather large number of characters. Each of them with different abilities and absolutely unique gameplay. Here we are going to show you each and every one of the characters of Apex Legends. EA has an official place where it lies to everyone, even with a biography. Stop by there after reading us if you want.

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All Apex Legends Characters

All Apex Legends Characters

First of all, we have Ash, who is a kind of humanoid robot. His personality looks a bit cold. His story is somewhat tragic, and in truth, he dies. However, his story as a human ends there, and the story of Ash, the evil robot, begins. 

 Bangalore is in the game, and he is yet another soldier, with the characteristic of being quite unusual. On the other hand, we have Bloodhound, which in Spanish means bloodhound. He is the only character shown as non-binary in the entire game. 

Caustic is a scientist who has created a kind of super-powered poison through experimentation on living subjects. Evidently, he didn't touch a lab again after that, and today he's dedicated to fighting in Apex games. 

They are two characters that the game currently has, with a view to continuing to expand. We can continue listing them, and the next one is Crypto, a surveillance specialist who controls drones. So, we have Fuse, an explosives specialist. 

Gibraltar is a sort of human Juggernaut, and Horizon is capable of manipulating gravity. Lifeline has healing abilities, Loba can teleport, and Maggie the Fierce, a new character, is another unusual, slightly renegade military man. 

Mirage can create holographic representations of herself, which is quite a hassle. Then we have Octane, who is like people who parkour in super tall buildings, defying death. Pathfinder is a cheerful robot, Rampart does all kinds of improvements.

Revenant was a human who was tricked to death. To this day, there is no life left in it and it is completely metallic. 

The last four on the list are Seer, Valkyrie, Wattson, and Wraith. They are all sensational characters, and in truth, Wraith is one of the most used, recommended for each and every one of the people who are starting in the game. 

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