Does Warzone Pacific have skill-based matchmaking?

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The first season of Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific will go live on December 8, alongside COD Vanguard Season 1.

Indeed, players are excited about the revived game, driven by the introduction of over 40 new weapons, changes to the Gulag, dogfights, and the new 'Caldera' map, which is meant to breathe new life into Warzone.

However, many players wonder if Warzone Pacific will have skill-based matchmaking (or SBMM).

Warzone Pacific at-the SBMM?

To cut to the chase, yes, Warzone Pacific will have SBMM. While the inclusion of SBMM is undoubtedly controversial, the reality is that SBMM has been part of every Call of Duty title since the release of COD 4: Modern Warfare in 2007.

Former Activision developer confirms Call of Duty games have SBMM. (Photo: Activision)

Former Activision Senior Systems Designer Josh Menke confirmed the existence and implementation of SBMM in COD game titles to GDC, saying the games "had skill-based matchmaking" and "have always ".

The former developer went on to say, “It's just that the math and science has gotten better over the years. If you grew up on it back then, your expectations are very different from what you have now. Granted, most competitive games have a skill-based matchmaking system.

For example, Valve's Dota 2 uses a modified version of the ELO rating system to determine which players should be matched in public lobbies and even has a smurf detection system to prevent highly skilled players from ruining games. lowest ranked.

Dota 2 season ranked medal system. (Photo: Valve)

While the previous SBMM system used in classic Warzone was arguably punitive, we can expect Warzone Pacific's SBMM to be much better; or rather, we hope. For example, players who performed exceptionally well in one match may end up with excessively more skilled players than they are in the next.

Of course, this is not ideal and will cause players to drop out of the game. However, there is also the argument that skilled players, no matter how frustrated the SBMM is, will keep playing even if the system punishes them.

Warzone Pacific will have skill-based matchmaking. (Photo: Activision)

As for how matchmaking systems should be designed, Menke said game developers should collect real-time population stats and not expand.

"The expansion gives players this feeling (sic) of, 'Don't worry, you're going to wait a little longer, but the game will be a lot worse, that's okay.' [This] is not the message you want to send. You mean, "You're going to wait longer because we know we can find you something better if you wait longer, so we're not going to extend it because we know it's coming." » « 

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Image courtesy of Activision.

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