Diablo 3: Sorcerer Veil of Typhoon Hydra - Build, Spells, Gems and Cube of Kanai in Season 22

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Our articles about Diablo 3 Diablo 3: Sorcerer Veil of Typhoon Hydra - Build, spells, gems and Kana茂's cube in season 22 Which build to play on the Sorcerer in season 22 of Diablo 3? We offer you a build with the new Typhoon Veil and Hydra set.

Dance Diablo 3, there is a wide variety of sets and therefore builds. the Wizard is no exception to this rule and has many different sets, offering a fairly diversified gameplay. With game season 22, we offer you a whole bunch of guides. Feel free to check them out to see which gameplay suits you best on the Sorcerer!


Here, we will tell you about new Typhoon's Veil gear set, a build based on using the Hydra skill.

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Sorcerer skills, spells and gameplay

This build is mainly oriented around the use of the spell Hydra which is the focus of the bonuses of the new Sorcerer set Typhoon Veil. The goal will therefore be to summon as many hydras as possible while bringing together the opponents thanks to Black hole. Weapon Enchantment will improve Torrent arcanique and thus increase the total damage dealt in addition to Hydras. Teleportation et Armor of Storms will be there respectively to provide mobility and to defend themselves in the event of excessive damage.

Left - Arcane Torrent
Rune: Curtain of flames
Law - Hydra
Rune: Frost Hydra
Black hole
Rune: Absolute Zero
Rune: Safe Conduct
Armor of Storms
Rune: Power of Storms
Weapon Enchantment
Rune: Deviation

Electrifying Seal

Unwavering Will



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Sorcerer Stuff and Equipment

As its name suggests, this build is based on the use of the set bonus Typhoon Veil.

Set pieces
Typhoon Veil  
Head Front of the typhoon
Shoulders Tibia of the typhoon
Torso typhoon chest
legs Typhoon Legs
boots Typhoon tarsi
Hors set
cuffs Ashnagarr Blood Bracers Hands Tasker & Th茅o
Belt The time of the crime Amulet brat necklace
Ring 1 Halo de Karini Ring 2 Conclave of the Elements
Weapon 1 Thanatos Weapon 2 Engraved emblem

Kanai's Cube and Gems

Legendary Gems Kanai's Cube
Loss of the trap Snake lighter
Worker ankle The magistrate
Taeguk Ring of Royal Grandeur
Classic Gems  
Weapon: Emerald
Head: Diamond
Other: Topaz

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