CS:GO Danger Zone: Crashes and bugs with AMD and Intel graphics cards

Our articles about CS:GO Danger Zone CS:GO Danger Zone: Crashes and bugs with AMD and Intel graphics cards Since the arrival of Patch of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Battle Royale Danger Zone mode, users AMD graphics cards (and Intel on laptops) encounter repeated crashes.

Update 7/12: CSGO developers report that crashing issues on AMD graphics cards should now be fixed. No cg driver is to download, the problem coming directly from the game. 

We believe this to be resolved for AMD users. The molotov and jump bug should also be fixed at this time.

— CS:GO (@csgo_dev) December 7, 2018

Note however that the problems with Intel integrated CGs (mainly on laptops) remain and that unless you have another graphics card on the laptop (see our solution below), crashes will still be present, both on the Battle Royale only in classic games. 

While Valve had announced that it wanted to release new games, no one expected the release of a Battle Royale mode on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. However, the studio has just presented Danger Zone, a BR which could revive the dynamic around CS:GO. However, it seems that the developers did not anticipate this test phase well since the game crashes for users of AMD brand graphics cards or Intel (intel graphics) laptop PC models.

Repeated crashes with an AMD graphics card

Indeed, if you have a graphics card from these two brands (AMD and Intel), the game (mainly the Battle Royale mode, but also sometimes the base game since patch may crash very badly. regular. Generally, if the game starts, it will crash within 2 to 3 minutes after its launch, enough to make the majority of players lose patience…

Towards a solution?

For the moment, it seems that no fixed solution has been found by the gaming community. Note for example:

→ A priori no driver for recent AMD graphics cards works (whether it is the RX or R9 range for example).

→ The developers said they were aware of this problem but no date was mentioned for a possible patch.

→ If you have an Nvidia graphics card on your laptop PC but it is the integrated graphics card (Intel graphics) that runs on CSGO, remember to activate your main CG on the game.

To do this, follow the following procedure:

→ Open the Nvidia Control Panel which you can find on Win10 searching in the Hardware and Audio tab of the Windows Control Panel.

→ In the tab on the left, select 3D Settings > Define PhysX configuration and check if your graphics card is selected in the PhysX processor then click on Apply.

→ Then click on the Manage 3D settings menu and then on the Program settings tab. There, select Counter-Strike: Global Offensive from the list of software. If it doesn't appear, add it.

→ There check that the Render Graphics Processor is your main graphics card. If not, select there.

While waiting for the developers to come up with a definitive solution for CSGO and Danger Zone, we will keep you informed on this article in order to find a way to make it more stable and above all, to avoid repeated crashes for users of AMD or Intel graphics cards. .

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