Control Ultimate Edition free, how to play with Prime Gaming?

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Our articles on Control Control Ultimate Edition free, how to play with Prime Gaming? Every month, Prime Gaming gives away free games and among the next titles offered is Control Ultimate Edition. We explain how to recover it.

Amazon regularly partners with video game developers to offer content packs, but also free games for Amazon Prime subscribers on its Prime Gaming service.

In November, it will be possible to recover a game popular with players, namely Control en version Ultimate Edition.

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What do I need to do to grab Control Ultimate Edition for free on Prime Gaming?

If you want to take advantage of the offer on Prime Gaming to get Control Ultimate Edition from this Monday, November 1, you will first have to subscribe to Amazon Prime. The subscription has three offers with:

  • the monthly subscription at 5,99 euros per month
  • the annual subscription at 49 euros per year
  • Student subscription at 24 euros per year

As soon as you are subscribed, go to the Prime Gaming website (source) and do the following:

  • Type " Control 禄In the search bar
  • Access the game page
  • Click on " Recover Now 

You just have to download the Amazon Games app (source), then to log in to it with your Amazon account after completing the program installation. After logging in, click " Ready to install " in the menu Library et download the game Control Ultimate Edition.

Of course, we remind you that the offer is not yet available and you can download Control Ultimate Edition for free as soon as it is released on Prime Gaming. Finally, don't forget that this edition of Control allows you to play the base game, but also all the DLCs.

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