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When you try any game on PC, you cannot keep the first impression that it has given you, because over time the game can present some kind of inconvenience in terms of its performance. This usually happens with users who enjoy the Apex Legends from Steam and Origin, which do not configure the platforms well enough to get the most out of it. In the article, we are going to explain in detail how to optimize Apex Legends when playing it on a PC with Steam. 

Apex Legends is a game that is trending these days and is among the best battle royale shooters, so it is common for many people to want to play it and get the most out of the devices where they play the game. Optimize the Apex Legends from a PC with Steam it is not a difficult enough task, we simply have to make certain modifications in the essential settings of the gaming platform. 

Como Optimar Apex Legends Pc Steam

Como Optimar Apex Legends Pc Steam

We all try to find a way that any game can run at least sixty frames per second that are stable, enough to progress and optimize our gameplay. The first thing you should do is go to the Steam command list and add the +fps_maxunlimited command and save it, with this you will be able to get the most out of your PC. 

We advise you to set the game resolution to native or lower, as well as the aspect ratio. It has a field of view no greater than one hundred and disables vertical synchronization. It is also essential that we disable anti-aliasing, and part of the textures according to the RAM memory of our computer. 

With this we will be able to optimize enough Apex Legends so that we don't get stuck and we can fully enjoy our experience in this magnificent shooter. 

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