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Coin Master is a fun game that fuses building strategy with the thrill of a slot machine. It is a simple game, you only need to spin the slot machine to execute the corresponding action. Cheer up by looking at the prize table Coin Master today, and continue playing.

One spin on the slot machine is all you need to win various prizes. You will surely be happy to earn coins, attacks on other players' villages and shields to protect yourself from attacks.

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Coin Master Prize Table Today

How to win prizes in Coin Master

Coin Master gives you the freedom to play however you want, but how do you win prizes in Coin Master?

Coin Master is based on earning and spending money, there are still three essential ways to earn coins. To win amazing prizes and rewards you must:

  • Win coins playing slot machine
  • Attack villages of other players
  • Raid other players' villages

To execute these actions, it is necessary to make a spin on the slot machine. This machine without any doubt is the center of the game. Right under the machine you will be able to see the number of free spins.

The Coin Master slot machine has three reels with five different symbols. When you land three of the same symbols on exactly the same row, you perform the action immediately. Each symbol gives you a different prize, as you can see in the next table:

bag of coinsmore coins
HammerAttack on a random village
bandit pigAttack the assigned Coin Master
ShieldProtection for your village
Capsule Collections10 Free Spins

bag of coins

It rewards you with a good amount of coins. Contrary to the other figures, an entire row with this symbol is not necessary. Since, each bag of coin that comes out in a roll, gives you a bonus.


By achieving a row of hammers, you will win the chance to raid another player's village. If your profile is linked to your Facebook account, you can choose who you want to attack. Otherwise, the game will designate a random player.

bandit pig

He is a cute pig with a nice smile and a thief mask. When you get three pigs in a row, your prize will be to make an attack. In the slot machine, the photograph and the name of the player you will jump to will appear, that is, you do not choose it.


With the shield you gain protection for your village. It is ideal to protect your Villa from the attacks of the opposing players. By having a shield, you can protect your building from the attack of opponents, thus also avoiding losing your star level. You can stack up to three shields, that is, you will have protection for three attacks.

Play Coin Master and win these great cool prizes to keep racking up rewards and level up.

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