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Many players are wondering how to get the free Coin Master chocolate card. The chocolate card belongs to the Coin Master sweets compilation, and despite being four stars, it is a golden card. For this reason, its search is somewhat difficult.

Some of the players claim that the chocolate letter can be achieved Coin Master free in the most advanced villages. You may not get it on the first try, but if you stay long enough in the villages, you can find it. This implies keeping certain duplicate cards, but it is the easiest procedure to get it, so the delay is worth it.

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Free Coin Master Chocolate Card

How to get the free Coin Master chocolate card

There are different strategies that will let you get the Coin Master chocolate card for free. It is essential to be a little patient, do not despair!

Participate in golden card events

Coin Master organizes events to exchange cards, they ask you for a specific card, and in return they give you the one you need so much. The chocolate card is a gold card, so you should not miss the gold card events, since you have a high chance of getting it. You must be aware of these events, in the official networks of Coin Master, they publish when they take place.

Joins Fb card exchange sets

You may not be able to exchange gold cards directly with them, but through Facebook sets they announce gold card events. This way you could participate in and receive the Coin Master chocolate card at no cost.

Complete Coin Master card builds

By filling the card compilations, the game gives you rewards, thus increasing the chances of getting the free Coin Master chocolate card.

Exchange the cards for chests or buy them

In the stores you will be able to find magical or gold chests, in them there are more chances of getting a four or five star golden letter. To acquire these chests you can buy them with the game coins or use the cards that you have repeated.

Use rewards apps

The rewards apps give you multiple daily links where you can earn free spins and coins. With this you can access the chests that have golden cards, and have the probability of finding the Coin Master chocolate letter.

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