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Coin Master is a fun game that fuses base building with the thrill of slot machines. If you learn the tricks Coin Master, surely you will be able to win a huge amount of coins and you will be hooked with this game.

Coin Master is an easy game, and understanding its assets will not take you long, you will be hooked from the first moment. Follow certain tips and tricks that will surely help you win coins and even free spins.

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Coin Master Cheats

Best Coin Master Tricks

Trick to send more than five letters a day

Coin Master lets you share cards with each of your friends connected to Facebook. However, there is a limit of five cards per day. But you can send a little more by following these easy tricks:

  • Modify the data of your mobile. Change the date with a difference of two hours and you will be able to send five more letters. You can do this as many times as you want.
  • Uninstall the game and reinstall it again. By reinstalling the game, you will be able to send five more cards. You can also do this whenever you want.

Great Assaults

This is a max bet attack. Certain tricks to increase the amount of your bet and receive multiple spin bonuses are:

  • Save your spins for when you have to face a player with a lot of coins.
  • Use only maximum bets with Coin Master that have a number of coins. This will let you earn many more coins quickly.
  • Have Foxy as an active pet. This helps you make big attacks, giving you another shoe to dig. So you will have the possibility of achieving thousands and thousands of coins.

two finger trick

The two-finger trick on attacks is excellent for taking out the treasure that is in the last hole of the attack. When opening two reward holes, you need to put two fingers on the remaining options and touch both holes at the same time for a moment. Thus, the hole with the last permit will be opened. You must be careful not to play very slowly, since otherwise the trick will not work.

Buy chests in each and every village

You must acquire each and every one of the chests that you can, every time you enter a new town. This will let you complete your card builds. These let you earn great rewards.

Save your pet's activation

The coin master pet booster effect is only free for about four hours after activation. For this reason, if you don't plan on playing for the next four hours, a great trick is to save your pet's activation until the moment you start playing again.  

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