Codes to Exchange in Rise of Kingdoms

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Rise of Kingdoms is an incredible game of war of civilizations, you are going to be the person who will take care of being the leader of a nation and you will be able to write your story as you progress in the game. The game consists of you being able to conquer land from other players and conquer the planet while you go up in a classification ranking. In the Rise of Kingdoms you can choose some historical civilizations and guide your guild to be able to conquer them. Each of the civilizations have their system, units, advantages, and architecture which you must get the most out of in order to stand out among many other areas. 

Codes to Exchange in Rise of Kingdoms

Active Codes for Rise of Kingdoms

Among the codes that are currently active we have: 

  • Tw1XpxW9Z2: 1 Gold Key, three Silver Keys, two 3h Haste, one Level Five Tome of Knowledge.
  • ROKVICTORY: 1 Gold Key, 1 30min Universal Haste, 1 Tome of Knowledge

How to exchange codes in Rise of Kingdoms?

If you want to achieve different benefits in the game for free, you are in the right place, in the article we will explain how you can exchange codes in Rise of Kingdoms and the rewards you can get through this.

Most of the codes appear through sites or game content authors who give away gift cards to be able to call more subscribers. The list of commands to add codes always and at all times is sustained by incessant updates, we invite you to continue updated content of codes so that you can produce rewards always and at all times. 

To be able to exchange a code in Rise of Kingdoms you must carry out a very simple procedure, the first thing you must do is enter the game with the account of your choice, and in the upper left part of the screen where our profile is found you will be able to open the configuration and press the option to exchange, there you will see a gift icon where you can exchange any kind of rewards through codes. With this you will be able to get each and every one of the prizes that you can achieve through codes in Rise of Kingdoms. 

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