COD Mobile Season 11 Battle Pass: Price, Release Date, Rewards, Bundle & More

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With Call of Duty: Mobile Season 11, titled “Final Snow”, comes the holiday season, with new snowy maps such as Icebreaker, new weapons, new modes, a themed event and much more.

As tradition dictates, there will also be a shiny new battle pass filled with unlockable goodies for players to enjoy. Here's everything we know about COD Mobile's Season 11 'Final Snow' Battle Pass, from its exact release date and time to all the content, price and more.

COD Mobile Season 11 Battle Pass Release Date and Time

Season 11 of COD Mobile arrives on December 16. (Photo: Activision)

The COD Mobile Season 11 Battle Pass will be released on December 16 at 16:00 PM PT. For those in the UK, it's November 18 at midnight GMT.

COD Mobile Final Snow Battle Pass Price and Premium Package

As tradition has it, there is both a free and a premium version of the Final Snow Battle Pass for COD Mobile Season 11.

COD Mobile's Season 11 Battle Pass is packed to the brim with goodies. (Photo: Activision)

The price of the base version of the COD Mobile Season 11 Final Snow Battle Pass is 220 CP, which allows players to unlock all premium rewards by leveling it up. There's also the Battle Pass bundle, which costs 520 CP, allowing you to instantly unlock 12 tiers.

Along with the COD Mobile Season 11 Battle Pass Bundle, you will also receive the following:

  • Calling card – at your fingertips
  • Sickle Chillscythe
  • Avatar – The Snowman Gun
  • Frame – Snowman Pistol
  • Parachute – Let It Snow

Now let's take a look at the content highlights of the COD Mobile Season 11 Battle Pass.

Characters, weapon blueprints and more rewards

Players will be able to unlock the Ammunition Box operator skill at level 14 (free) and the new functional weapon, the PKM LMG, at level 21 (free).

The PKM is a slow but powerful LMG. (Photo: Activision)

This time around, there seem to be only three epic characters to unlock, along with five powerful epic weapon blueprints.

Epic Battle Pass Characters:

Unlock three epic characters through the battle pass. (Photo: Activision)
  • Atlas – Crash
  • Soap – Cliffhanger
  • Vagr Modir – Winter's Whisper

Epic Battle Pass Weapon Blueprints:

Unlock five epic weapon blueprints in COD Mobile's Season 11 Battle Pass. (Photo: Activision)
  • PKM - Boru
  • KN-44 – Frosted Tips
  • MSMC – Deceptive Divinity
  • Echo – Tasty treat
  • Man-O-War – Wolf Mane

Other COD Mobile Season 11 Battle Pass content highlights include:

  • Charm - Armored Snowman
  • Backpack – Mountaineer
  • Emote – Snow Party
  • Business card – Winter hunting
  • Avatar – Mama Wolf
  • Frame – Wolf Mane

So there you have it, the price, exact release date/time, and contents of the COD Mobile Season 11 Battle Pass titled Final Snow.

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Image courtesy of Activision.

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