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In the game Clash Royale there are many characters with unique quirks and abilities. Apart from that, they have prayers and reactions when they are on the battlefield, which for some is very interesting to know what each of the troops expresses when attacking or protecting.

We can achieve characters that affirm sentences that must do with their origin, as well as other troops using a sentence to give originality to their attacks. If you want to know what are the prayers of the characters Clash Royale You are in the right place! Since, soon we are going to give you certain more symbolic sentences of the characters in this title. Let us begin!

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Clash Royale Characters Phrases

Clash Royale Character Phrases

  • THE PEKKA: This character has a sentence that many of you are going to know, which affirms it only by throwing it on the battlefield. He literally states "Butterfly" that translated into Spain would be "Mariposa".
  • THE MAGICIAN: The magician's prayer is also well known to all, and many of you will know it. This affirms multiple sentences "Showtime" that translated into Spanish would be "Showtime", "Fire" which would be "Fire", and "Fireball" which means "Bola de Fuego".
  • THE MINIPEKKA: Like the PEKKA, the Minipekka also speaks in Clash Royale. In such a case, the Minipekka affirms ┬źPancakes┬╗, which translated into Spanish, would be ┬źPancakes┬╗.
  • THE ELECTRIC WIZARD: The Electro Wizard is the last card they have drawn to continue a sentence. This, in the same way that the magician affirms multiple, one of them is "Zap" which means "Download", another of them would be "Electrons", which in Spanish means "Electrons", and his other sentence "Electricity", which translated that of Spain would be ┬źElectricidad┬╗.
  • THE PRINCESS: The princess, is another of the troops that affirm prayers in the game. She only enters the battlefield she affirms "Let's go" which in Spanish would be "Let's go there", "Gotcha", which would be "I have you" and "Bullseye" which means "Diana". The princess also states "Yeah", an English expression that has no translation into Spain.
  • THE ROCK LAUNCHER: The rock thrower is another of the cards that has its prayer in the game. This when he is releasing the rocks he says "Bowling" which translated into Spanish would mean "Bowling" and also tells the troops "Bye bye" which means "Goodbye". He also has a very characteristic laugh that you will surely have heard him say something like "Hee hee hee."
  • THE DARK PRINCE: The dark prince also has a prayer, although it costs more to hear it. This affirms ┬źAttack Charge┬╗ when he charges, which translated into Spain would be ┬źAttack charged┬╗.
  • THE ICE WIZARD: The ice mage has a peculiarity that the rest of the troops do not have, and that is that he does not speak in English, but rather in Finnish. Some thought that he was talking about Spain, since one of his sentences ┬źPakastaa┬╗ which means ┬źFreezing┬╗ and some confused it with ┬źCrush┬╗. He also has other sentences in Finnish like "Lunta" which means "Snow", "Kylm├Ą" which means "Cold", and "T├Ą├Ąlt├Ą peese" which he wants to say is "Here you go".
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