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Clash of Clans It has the peculiarity that it is a game that has been with us for many years, it was the pillar of the construction of the empire that we know as Supercell, in addition to this, of being one of the first mobile games to enter the competitive environment. In Europe, many championships are held in which two players fight to get the best score by raiding their opponent's village. 

But if you have noticed how sometimes while you carry out your looting you find yourself with dead or abandoned villages, since they are simply villages of players who eventually left the game or simply stopped using their account for various reasons. These villages are stars at no cost to you and may contain certain viable resources to make your progression easier.

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Abandoned Clash of Clans Free Accounts

Where can I locate dead villages 

It is common to locate dead villages in the low level municipalities, since as a general rule these are players who only started the game but did not like it enough to invest the necessary time to improve properly in it. 

In the case of the high level municipalities, TH9 from now on, if it is much more difficult to find these deceased villages, this is because if they have already reached this point, it is because they liked the game enough to dedicate enough time to it To thrive. However, there are these deceased villages at high levels.

How to identify a dead village

The process is quite easy, after sixty hours your resources are maxed out and your traps must be repaired, so if when we start the attack we see that the traps do not work, it is very possible that it is a neglected village. 

You are only going to have to make the attack strategic enough to not spend so many resources taking his village and that the profits are good for you. That is, if in terms of expense and reward it pays you to carry out the attack. 

Many players are dedicated to looking for these neglected villages to have a fast progression, from what we explained previously, if you spend few resources on the attack and get a good amount of reward, we could say that it was a triumphant day for your village. 

On certain occasions there villages that seem abandoned but they are not, it is for this reason that we must use the characters effectively and see if it is really a neglected village or not. 

Remember that not everyone uses exactly the same attack strategies as you, so on certain occasions they do not enter through the place where they are concentrated the most cheating. Be attentive to everything and if you are lucky enough to find a neglected village, take out each and every one of the resources you can and secure your stars in the attack. 

We hope that this article has served you well and that you know how to identify a abandoned village of another activates. We recommend that you continue reading our articles related to the planet of clash of clans, as well as many other games on our official website. 

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