Chivalry 2 class, which one to choose?

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Our articles on Chivalry 2 Chivalry 2 class, which one to choose? In Chivalry 2, you will be able to play with 4 main classes and 3 subclasses for each of them.

Dance chivalry 2 which officially releases this Tuesday, June 8 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S, you will be able to choose from 4 classes during each game.

Each of these classes has three subclasses and we explain which one to choose according to your style of play.

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What are the classes of Chivalry 2?

In the game, you will be able to play with 4 classes, each with 3 subclasses. Each will have its specificities and here is a summary for each class of the title.


The archer as you suspect will be a class allowing you to do ranged damage to enemies. This class will particularly appeal to players who are precise, because if you're not, you risk shooting your allies. In exchange for being able to shoot from a distance, you will have a penalty which concerns your base life points which are at 100. You will have access to weapons that do ranged damage, but also to a spear.

  • Subclasses : Longbow, crossbowman and skirmisher
  • Special Skills : Brazier which allows you to ignite your arrows, Banner which allows you to heal your allies, Quiver which recharges your ammunition


This class relies heavily on mobility and damage. You will do heavy damage, but in return, you will have few base hit points. By playing with the Raider subclass, you will be able to play with two main weapons. This class will be aimed at players who want to hit accurately and quickly. on enemies, but don't stay too long in the fray or you'll get punished for your low hit points.

  • Subclasses : Brute, Pillager and Ambusher
  • Special Skills : Trumpet lets you heal allies, Quiver, Oil Jar lets you throw an incendiary grenade


The Knight will be the perfect class for beginning players. She has a very large low health, but you will also have the possibility of equipping yourself with a shield to parry enemy attacks more easily. The knight also has very interesting subclasses, because they will have a particular specificity that will make them very interesting. The Crusader will do very high damage while the Guardian will play more of a defensive role thanks to its heavy shield.

  • Subclasses : Officer, Guardian and Crusader
  • Special Skills : Oil Jar, Trumpet, Banner


The infantryman is kind of the support class in the game. You will be able to heal your allies thanks to bandage kits, but also set traps and place barricades. This class also allows you to equip yourself with long reach weapons to keep enemies at bay. By choosing the infantryman, you will also choose a very mobile class, probably the most mobile in the game.

  • Subclasses : Lancer, Men-at-Arms, Field Engineer
  • special skill : Bandage kit
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