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En Clash of clans One of the many forms of communication between players was the global chat, a tool that allows you to chat over a long period of time with players who, like you, were looking for essential game information, guides, essential strategies, or simply to have a common conversation. and current. 

This tool was the mainstay of the game over many years, since as you well know, Clash of Clans He has been with us for many years, creating a community of enthusiastic players, to the point of taking the game to an already more competitive branch. 

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Chat Global Clash of Clans

Global chat clash of clans

But due to the fact that we have spoken in the past tense when we refer to the global chat, since it is very simple, well Supercell decided to suppress it completely out of his game. The main reason the company wanted to do this was because of the number of players who were mass spamming it, apart from the many conversations that contained racial and religious hatred. 

And it is that, these topics are very fragile to deal with and when it comes to mobile games of simple access to minors, it is really difficult to monitor that fine line between what is tolerated and what should not be said. And just in case, Supercell went the quickest and easiest way of all. Delete it completely. 

But was it an adequate resolution? Since time is going to prove the company right or wrong, it is true that throughout the day if you stay reading the chat you could see an infinite amount of spam, more considering the great income of the company, they probably could have created a faster way to monitor this. 

In the case of racial slurs or incitement to hatred, if it is something more complex, which not only occurs in Clash of clans, occurs practically in each and every one of the gaming communities, and more so in the competitive ones. 

Whether or not it's a wise resolution, Supercell has made it clear that it has no plans to change this in the future, so don't expect it to happen overnight. bring global chat back to game, you just have to go to the community discussion forums, or write in the official discord. In the same way, perhaps what this produces is a healthier community and more focused on what really matters, play clash of clans

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