Build Monk PoJ Tempest Rush in season 23 on Diablo 3, spells, stuff and Kanai's cube

Our articles on Diablo 3 Build Monk PoJ Tempest Rush in season 23 on Diablo 3, spells, stuff and cube of Kanaï What build to play on the Monk in season 23 of Diablo 3? We offer you a build with Tempest Rush and the Model of Justice set.

Dance Diablo 3, there is a wide variety of sets and therefore builds. the Moine is no exception to this rule and has many different sets, offering a fairly diversified gameplay. With game season 23, we offer you a whole bunch of guides. Feel free to check them out to see which gameplay suits you best on the Monk!

Here, we will tell you about Model of Justice set, a build based on using Storm Rush.

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Monk Tempest Rush Model of Justice Skills, Spells, and Gameplay - Diablo 3 S23

The goal of this build will be to build a group of enemies by activating swirling wind and luring them with Storm Rush. Sleet and the Conclave of Elements will then start creating damage potential. Once the pack is built, it will be necessary to activate blinding lightning to unleash the potential for damage. spells like Epiphany, which should be used as soon as possible, Serenity et redemption mantra will be there to ensure survivability.

Left - Blinding Lightning
Rune: Faith in light
Law - Storm Rush
Rune: Sleet
swirling wind
Rune: Bladestorm
Rune: Cloak of Sand
redemption mantra
Rune: Impalpable
Rune : Ascension

Sign of Ytar


Taking initiative

The Way of the Guardian

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PoJ Tempest Rush Monk Stuff and Equipment - Diablo 3 S23

As its name suggests, this build is based on the use of the set bonus Model of Justice (PoJ), one of the best builds of Season 23.

Model of Justice
The Finery of Captain LeRouge
Head Decree of Justice Belt Evening Belt of Captain LeRouge
Shoulders Mirrors of Justice boots Captain LeRouge's Thighboots
Gloves Buzabands of Justice The Spirit of Shenlong
Torso Chainmail of Justice Weapon 1 Shenlong Perpetual Attack
legs Mountains of Justice Weapon 2 Legendary Fist of Shenlong
Hors set
cuffs Remembrance of Caesar Amulet The flavor of time
Ring 1 Conclave of the Elements Ring 2 Obsidian Zodiac Ring

Kanai's Cube and PoJ Tempest Rush Monk Gems - Diablo 3 S23

Legendary Gems Kanai's Cube
Taeguk Balance
Scourge of the Overwhelmed Stone Gauntlets
Loss of the trap Ring of Royal Grandeur
Classic Gems  
Weapon: Emerald
Head: Diamond
Other: Topaz


Monk Tempest Rush Justice Model Companion Gear, Legendaries, and Skills

With patch 2.7.0, Blizzard made companion gear essential for solo play. For this build, we advise you to play with the Brigand. This set up is made for the push.

  • Skills: WARNINGS don't take skill first! for the rest: Anatomy, Piercing Shot, Veil of Night
  • Ensemble: The Elements of Tal Rasha (Head, Belt)
  • Set: Cain's Fatality (Legs, Hands)
  • Legendaries and others: Bracers of Nemesis, The Taste of Time, Hearthstone Shoulderpads, Unbound Bolt, Ring of the Oculus, Oneness, Ice Boots, Leoric's Crown

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