Black Desert Online, how to play for free?

Nos articles sur Black Desert Online Black Desert Online, how to play for free? Black Desert Online will be available for free under certain conditions. We explain how to take advantage of this limited time offer offered by Pearl Abyss.

Black Desert Online, the Pearl Abyss MMORPG has been available since 2016 on PC and since 2019 on PS4, Xbox One and mobile. The game is normally available at 9,99 euros on Steam, but it is possible to take advantage of a free trial to discover the title.

In addition to this free trial, it will also be possible toget a newbie edition for free of Black Desert Online which allows you to play the MMORPG permanently for free.

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How to play Black Desert Online for free?

If you want to play Black Desert Online for free, it is possible to enjoy a 7-day free trial by going directly to the site dedicated to the game (source). However, since this Wednesday, September 15, you can get a novice edition of the game. To enjoy, you will need to be a new PC gamer and meet the following criteria:

  • Play to the free trial version
  • et advance one of your characters to level 50.

For the occasion and to make it easier for players to reach level 50, the developers have extended the trial period of 7 days to 14 days from September 15 to October 6. Additionally, players who reach level 56 and complete the Awakening Quest and/or Rebirth Quest will be entered into a raffle where they can win one of 200 legendary bundles available. It should be noted that each of these legendary bundles contains in-game items worth 250 euros.

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