Best Troops to Protect in War Clash of Clans

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Clan wars in clash of clans they are the main reason why many players start and patiently wait for their buildings to be upgraded, for the troops to train, and for us to make the necessary preparation both to attack, to defend against opponent attacks. 

But if it has happened to you that you feel that your troops die easily, and when you examine the games we observe that the level of troops is similar, you are most likely choosing the worst troops to carry out an attack. It is for this reason that we have created this article where we will show you the best troops for war in Clash of Clans

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Best Troops to Protect in War Clash of Clans

Best troops to protect in clash of clans war

The first thing you should do is locate yourself in your municipality and see what level it has. Based on that, you will have to choose the option that is according to that level. Since there are troops that you are not going to have or you do not have the precise creation capacity, etc. 

Similarly, it is essential that save this guide For when you level up, you know which troop to prioritize to defend yourself as best as possible. For defense you will need a castle, since that is where your troops and those of your allies will be kept (in case you belong to a guild). 

Castle level 10 

The first thing to keep in mind is that at this level you don't have much plurality of troops, so you are going to have to play with what you have. The balloons in the early game are really strong, so the composition in this level is going to be the trio of balloon, magician and archer, respectively. The Valkyrie takes is a great alternative option due to its good speed. 

Castle level 15 

For this level you already have a bit more strong troops, but on the other hand the attacks are much more complex to protect.

It is essential that you use an archer, accompanied by two bombastic balloons, this so that you encompass ground attacks in a better way, and finally a super archer. The dragon takes and the mage are a huge complement. 

Castles of level 20 

By level 20 air troops are less frequent and are considerably easier to deal with. So incorporating a dragon as well as a wizard and a set of Valkyries is ideal. 

Castle level 25 

Here the battles change a lot, having more troops will allow you to better protect your village. The combination of dragons take and balloons It will be the best defense option.

Castle level 30 

at level thirty you have to be a little more aggressive than in other levels so, try to play with an electric or iron dragon, which encompass both air and ground targets. 

Castle level 35 

Dragon and Electric type and a balloon is the perfect complement to this level. Likewise swap the balloon for a wizard and baby dragon it can be very helpful. 

Castle level 40 

Normal Dragon plus the Valkyrie and a Sorceress are the best options at this level. They are really strong units that encompass the entire territory.

Castle level 45 

Ice Golem as a tank and Electric-type Dragon to clean up are the best options at this level. 

We hope this article has served you and you can choose theas best troops to protect your village in clash of clans in the best way. We recommend that you continue reading our articles related to clash of clans, as well as many other games on our official website. 

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