Best TEC-9 loadout for Warzone Season 5

Warzone Season 5 has arrived and comes with two new toys for players to experience at the start of the season. The first is a new assault rifle, the British bullpup EM2, which is a reliable mid-range option for players who value accuracy over speed.

The second is a brand new SMG that we will discuss in this article, the TEC-9. This semi-473matic submachine gun offers improved accuracy at longer ranges and noticeably low recoil, but at the cost of a slower rate of fire.

Weapon damage is pretty solid for an SMG, but bullet velocity isn't particularly high, so keep that in mind when engaging at range.

With all the numbers considered and after extensive testing, we present to you the best TEC-9 build for Warzone Season 5.

The best TEC-9 gear in Warzone Season 5

Best TEC-9 loadout for Warzone Season 5
Versatility is the TEC-9's middle name. (Photo: Activision)

At the start of Season 5, use these attachments for the best TEC-9 class setup in Warzone.

  • Muzzle: Fully 473matic repeater
  • Laser: Spotlight on Team Tiger
  • Store: Stock de Raider
  • Rear handle: snake wrap
  • Ammunition: STAGNAG 48 Rnd

What stands out about this SMG is its unique mechanism of action. Unlike many spray-and-pray SMGs, which is how you usually play this class, the TEC-9 can take out targets "in three hits anywhere within 10 yards". This is especially true when using the best TEC-9 loadout when jumping into Verdansk at the start of Warzone Season 5.

Best TEC-9 loadout for Warzone Season 5
Choose from semi-473matic, three-round burst, or fully 473matic. (Photo: Activision)

If you don't like semi-473matic, you can choose one of two unique weapon attachments that will turn it into a three-round burst or a fully 473matic weapon, and both attachments will provide you with concealment position if stealth is your style.

The semi-473matic variation is great for mid-range combat, but if you want to play more traditionally, you can switch to the fully 473matic mode. It will provide you with an increased rate of fire, but also stronger recoil, which means you will have to learn how to control it.

So there you have it, the best TEC-9 loadout at the start of Warzone Season 5.

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