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The PubG saga has had a huge acceptance in each and every one of the platforms that has been launched, reaching mobile devices, it was a total surprise for the entire community of players who have followed this battle for many years, filling the official stores (Google Play Store and App Store) of millions of downloads in the first months since its creation. However, this game has great graphic quality and requires your team to have perfect quirks so as not to worsen your gaming experience. In the article, we will recommend the best mobile devices to play PUBG Mobile.

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Best Teams to Play PubG Mobile

Best Teams to Play PubG Mobile

Keep in mind that the best computers to play this magnificent shooter are the high-end ones, because they have great graphics capacity and first-generation processors. Although it is true that there are many phones that can run any Battle Royale game genre, they will do so with low graphics and glitches, and this is not the idea, the purpose is that you can play in the most comfortable way possible.

HonorView 10:

This mobile device was launched in China, known in its first months as Honor V10, it has a 4 Kirin processor which would strengthen any game, in addition to this, it has two versions of 6GB and XNUMXGB useful enough to run any game in graphics tall. It is a very resistant equipment since it has been manufactured between aluminum and glass, and can run the PubG Mobile Without any inconvenience, it has a three thousand seven hundred and fifty mAh battery that will ensure a good duration of play.

Huawei Pro 20:

It's a great team to play PubG Mobile without any inconvenience, since it has some great features that have nothing to envy to other mobile devices. This gaming machine has a storage of one hundred and twenty-eight GB, enough to have the heaviest games in the Google Play Store and not affect your gaming experience. It has a very updated operating system, Android XNUMX Oreo. It also has a Kirin XNUMX processor that, in addition to this, adds an NPU.

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