Best Settings for PubG Mobile

PUBG Mobile It is a game that depends a lot on the capacity of your phone if you want to enjoy it one hundred percent. If you are looking for the best settings for PUBG Mobile, in this guide we are going to show you how you can configure your game so that no detail escapes you and you can enjoy it without interruptions. 

PUBG Mobile's graphics engine is Unreal XNUMX. If you don't know much about this graphics engine, let us tell you a bit about it. It is a program in which the game is developed and through which, in some way, it runs. This is identified as being somewhat heavy on development, and having quite a difficult optimization when it comes to running games. It is precisely for this reason that it is convenient to know what is the best configuration that you can have in PUBG Mobile

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Best Settings for PubG Mobile

Perfect configuration for PubG Mobile

The first thing you have to know is that everything depends on your phone. If you have a mobile developed for gaming, it will not be the same as using a personal one that is used for whatsapp. In this article we will consider the latter case, in which your phone has at least four GB of RAM. The truth is that, at this point, the mobile is capable of running the game in a minimally good quality. However, what you should prioritize is the increase or decrease of FPS. This will allow you to live the game in real time without any inconvenience. 

This is why the best PUBG Mobile settings have the smooth graphics, extreme frame rate, so that your phone never freezes. The style depends on the processor, but this time we will use a colorful one.

Then set the brightness to XNUMX percent so you can see most things, and turn on the option to reduce graphics in case FPS drops.

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