Best Sensitivities for PubG Mobile

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It is essential that we know each and every one of the basic aspects in order to take advantage of our opponents in the game. PubG Mobile, because this will help us prosper as players not only of this battle, but rather also of the different shooting games that are available for different gaming platforms. In such a case, we are going to explain the best settings for the different sensitivities that we must couple to PUBG Mobile.

We must take into consideration that in this game there are multiple free sensitivity settings, which includes the movement of the camera, the ADS, the movement speed when aiming down or up and the popular gyroscope, each of these elements will help you improve your skills in PubG Mobile and in turn eliminate opponents with a simple aim.

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Best Sensitivities for PubG Mobile

Best Sensitivities for PubG Mobile

You have to keep in mind that it is always good to have an adapted configuration in any shooting game, since with a lot of practice in the game itself you will seek comfort for your coordination of movements. In such a case, you can use a base of the best sensitivities used by game content authors and high-ranking players, then subtly alter them according to your preferences.

The first thing you need to do in order to configure sensitivities in PubG Mobile is to open the main game settings and go to the “sensitivity” submenu. You should keep in mind that the sensitivity will change depending on whether you play in first or third person. As far as the first settings are concerned, we invite you to use the sensitivity of the camera at one hundred and fifty percent, the TPP one hundred ten-one hundred twenty and the FPP one hundred-one hundred ten percent. In addition to this, you must take into account the sights according to its scope, in the case of the x2 sight, place it between thirty-seven-forty-five percent, look at x3 thirty-thirty-five percent, look at x4 two- thirty percent , look at x6 for two percent and look at x8 for one percent . Remember that the further away your opponent is, the less sensitivity you should apply, since it will look smaller on the map according to the distance where it is located.

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