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If you are looking for the best sensitivity for PUBG Mobile, in this guide we are going to show you certain configurations that you can use to prosper your games and be number one in each and every one of the games. Sensitivity is a factor that determines how fast your screen moves with respect to the touches you make on it. This serves, among many other things, to get used to a game rhythm in which you react faster to things.

For example, it is usually better to have a higher sensitivity, as it gives you the ability to turn faster to see an opponent. However, it cannot be very high, because you will not be able to supervise it. 

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Best Responsiveness for PubG Mobile

What is the best sensitivity of PubG Mobile

You might think that adjusting the sensitivity is a matter of fumbling around until you find one that's comfortable for you, then gradually increasing it. But things don't go that way. To change the sensitivity you only have to apply a fairly easy procedure. It is about going to the settings menu, where there is a section dedicated only to sensitivity. 

It should be noted that this is an approximate value, and it is possible that it will work for you with a little more or a little less. First, we invite you to use high sensitivity, which is one of the default settings that comes with PUBG Mobile.

The setting has the ability to change the sensitivity for each genre of aiming, from free sight to using scopes. The best sensitivity for PUBG Mobile that you should try now is next. For the free sight, a value around one hundred percent, red dot, holographic and metallic sight, fifty percent. So when you zoom in, the sensitivity tends to go down quite a bit. For sights x2 is thirty percent and x3 is two percent. So the x4 y look from VSS is one percent.

When you get to the most powerful sights in the game, simply set a value between one and one percent . Remember that these are estimated values. Try to play with them, without lowering or raising them too much until you achieve the sensitivity you want. 

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