Best PubG Mobile Weapons

If you are looking for the best PUBG Mobile weapons, in this guide we are going to teach you step by step which ones you should select to be a great player and come back from the games. PUBG Mobile is a game where being competitive is everything. Success in each and every game will depend not only on your skill, but also on your luck and intelligence. Among each and every one of the skills you must have is knowing how to distinguish between a good and a bad weapon. 

Now we are going to show you a top three of the best weapons of PUBG Mobile. Keep in mind that depending on who you ask, this can change. In addition to this, you can meditate on equipping yourself with a combination of any of the three, excluding one, of course.

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Best PubG Mobile Weapons

The best weapons in PubG Mobile

First let's talk about the M416. Although it is not the best weapon in the game, it can be useful if you want something balanced that works in each and every one of the fields. The M416 works. In addition to this, it accepts a few similar accessories that can help you build a weapon unmatched in control, accuracy, and range. 

Another weapon that you should have in your inventory is the AWM. Quite a few people are not rifle enthusiasts. However, having an AWM can help you shoot opponents from afar. Remember to always and in all circumstances equip it with an 8x zoom scope and a silencer. In this way, you will ensure that absolutely no one sees you while you suppress opponents at exorbitant distances. 

Lastly, we can mention UMP forty-five. This is a long-range submachine gun with minimal recoil, great rate of fire, and efficient damage. Equip it with the right accessories and you will have a medium range weapon with incredible damage capacity.

Remember that you can select between the different combinations offered by this set of weapons. Finally, keep in mind that having each and every one of the accessories in each and every weapon will give you a plus when fighting. 

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