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Our articles about Diablo 3 Best Marauder Demon Hunter build With Season 15 of Diablo 3, we recommend a Demon Hunter build for your solo vulnerabilities!

Do you like turrets? Do you like explosions? Do you like to push the faults far, very far... alone? This build is for you. Thanks to Sentinels imitating your Frag Arrows and increasing your damage, you can quickly kill elites and groups of monsters.

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Fallback fire
Rune: Hardening
Fragment Arrow
Rune: Cluster Bombs
Rune: Fury
Rune: Full
Rune: Refrigeration
runes: none
Grenadier Elimination of the weak Mechanical expertise Sure Aim

Note: No runes with the companion, or any because the Incarnation of the Marauder allows you to have all the runes of this spell.


Set pieces
The Embodiment of the Marauder The Basion of Will
Head face of the marauder Ring 1 Constraint
Torso Marauder's Shell Ring 2 Catalyst
Gloves Marauder's Gloves    
boots Marauder's Treads    
Espauliers Marauder's Thorns    
legs Marauder's Underpants    
Hors set
Poor Manticore Amulet Hellfire Amulet of Dexterity
quiver Bomber backpack armbands Handwraps of Clarity
Belt Zoey's secret    

Notes: The Hellfire Amulet of Dexterity must have one of the following passives: Perception or Ambush.

Kanai's Cube Legendary Gems
Conclave of the Elements Loss of the trap
Infernal Cat's Strap Scourge of the Overwhelmed
Dew Esoteric Alteration


The Marauder's set will be played around 2 principles: your damage is increased by the presence of Sentinels and these also use your Fragmentation Arrow. When you enter the room, place your Sentinels, 3 in number, to slow down as many monsters as possible. Move forward enough to force them to come towards you, and kitte them in your turrets before killing them with Frag Arrow. If you need more hate, use your Fallback or Vendetta.

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