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If you just bought a gaming PC, or for some reason you want to see the best graphics for Apex Legends, in the article we are going to show you how to access this configuration and have the gaming experience that EA designed for those who are dedicated to the game. The planet has been advancing quite a bit, and with it its technology. However, there are areas of this in which this evolution has been somewhat slow. Companies cannot leave these people behind and continue to develop capable systems and applications just for gaming PCs. It is due to the slow progress of technology, plus the presence of the Internet, that games for video consoles have been forced to develop an alternative to prosper or impoverish their graphics. 

An example of this is LoL, which has not improved its design quality due to the fact that most of its audience does not have computers or the Internet with sufficient power. This proves that, for companies, their public comes first. 

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Best Graphics for Apex Legends

Best Graphics for Apex Legends

Such is the case of Apex Legends, which is quite clear and allows its players to change this configuration. Either way, it doesn't affect gameplay at all, and there's no problem with two players on different computers playing the exact same match. 

However, if you want to be one of those with the best graphics for Apex Legends, here we show them to you. 

First of all, the perfect screen mode is going to be full screen, the aspect ratio will be set to native, the resolution the same. Eighty percent brightness, but you can tweak it as far as you feel comfortable. FoV set to XNUMX percent, screen jitter on run set to minimum, and v-sync disabled. 

You will also activate the Nvidia Reflex, with turbo. The adaptive resolution FPS goal is going to be equal to zero. Adaptive supersampling is going to be off, and antialiasing on TSAA. Shadows on, high model details and low effects details. If you wish, you can enable hit marks, but we do not recommend it.

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