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PUBG Mobile It has become one of the most essential games in the video game console industry for mobile devices, it has a huge user base due to its worldwide downloads. Since its inception, the popularity it has had over time has grown significantly, since Tencent Games (the company that developed the game) has been in charge of updating and optimizing it in the best possible way, with its great graphic quality and realistic the game has become in recent months.

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Best Emulators for PubG Mobile

Best Emulators for PubG Mobile

However, the millions of downloads worldwide have made Tencent Games decide to release the game for PC, so it will be necessary to have certain emulators to be able to play PubG Mobile in the most similar way to the of a mobile device. In this article, we will recommend the best emulators for PubG Mobile.


Without a doubt, it is the best emulator to play PubG Mobile on PC. Previously it was called Tencent Gaming Buddy, created by the Tencent Games company itself, it is an optimal emulator in each and every one of the facets to play PubG Mobile and any Battle Royale game, it is very simple to configure and you can customize it your way. This emulator only requires that your PC has at least 2GB of RAM, supports two resolutions, and has an AOW engine that will prevent bugs from being made and play as smoothly as possible.


It is one of the emulators with the longest history in the PC market, the one used by millions of people on the planet who love games for mobile devices. It has incredible versions, but we invite you to use BlueStacks five to play PubG Mobile. It is one of the highest FPS emulators in the world.

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