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In this small guide we are going to comment on the best DNS for Apex Legends. Once you finish it, you will be able to access a fast game mode without any kind of delays, without the need for a better internet connection. 

Let's start with the basics. It's just that playing something online carries with it a somewhat definite set of drawbacks. The main root is its definition, being online. To play something live with a bunch of other people you need to cover a number of requirements. An example of this is a fairly reliable speed in your flow of information through the Internet.

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Best DNS for Apex Legends

Best DNS for Apex Legends

What is rarely talked about is the configuration of the DNS, which can be quite useful, especially when you play on consoles. A DNS is a domain name system. Explaining it is a bit long, but keep in mind that it is a kind of machine that is in charge of identifying your computer, to give it the information it requests from a server. 

En Apex Legends, and on the Internet, communication is generally through DNS. Choosing one to connect to who is skilled in Apex Legends is vital if you want a lag-free gaming experience. 

Usually, to connect to one, they ask for the primary and secondary DNS. In this list we are going to give you a set of servers that you should connect to, which happen to be the best for Apex Legends. You can try Google's DNS server, whose address is eighty-eight and secondary is eighty-eight. Cloudflare can also be a good option. Your servers are eleven and ten.

OpenDNS is usually pretty good, so we've included it on the list as well. Their addresses are and

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