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when you play the PubG Mobile You must have a great configuration to be able to stand out from the other players. The community of this shooter is extremely competitive and they try to be the best in each of the free zones. PubG Mobile is a game in which users have created configurations of three or four fingers depending on which way they feel most comfortable playing, trying to increase the speed of each of their actions on the battlefield. Although it is true that there are many ways to carry out each and every one of the actions in the game, it is essential that, in this blog post, we explain in detail the best controls for PUBG Mobile.

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Best Controls for PubG Mobile

Better controls for PubG Mobile

The controls must not only deal with each and every one of the options that we have to defend ourselves on the battlefield, but rather also the general aspects of the game that must be well structured to optimize our experience in PubG Mobile. Regarding the audiovisual controls, we must go to the main configuration of the game after having started the session with our preferred account, and go to the "graphics" submenu, in such a case, we will use them in the soft option , with extreme frame rate, and a brightness of approximately one hundred and fifty.

With these details, we are going to be able to count on a fluid game and with great peculiarities to be able to see our opponents at short and long distances from the map, which is essential in any Battle Royale that has a large map. Regarding the looting configuration, it is essential that we have it in "automatic and fast" mode since the speed with which we can fill ourselves with equipment is going to be essential to take advantage of other opponents.

Then, one of the most essential facets is the way in which we put our game controls, in this case, especially in the mobile device version, by preference we will put the movement controls on the left side of the screen, at I step action buttons like shoot, run, jump and lean on the left side.

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